2019 Hamfest Changes

Greeneville Hamfest planners are making some changes for our 2019 hamfest. The opening time for the commercial building that houses our inside vendors has been moved to 7:30 am. The main drawing for the hamfest has been changed back to 12 noon. Contingency plans for providing some covered space for the tailgate area in case of a rainy day forecast are also being developed.

The hamfest committee has under consideration an option of moving to a 5,400 sq ft facility for inside vendors and an adjoining 18,000 sq ft facility on the fairgrounds that would allow the majority of the outside flea market to be under roof or to exercise this option if the weather forecast is not good for an outside flea market. There is an adjacent gravel parking lot for overflow of the flea market if the 18,000 ft facility is filled to capacity.

If you are a vendor at our hamfest or considering becoming one, we would like your input. Email ke4eac@greenevillehamfest.com with your suggestions and comments.