Inside Spaces with Power

Tables are not provided with any space and you may bring your own or rent from the hamfest.  Visit

Greeneville Hamfest Inside Vendor Policy –  All Inside Vendors Must Read

South Side Spaces

The south side of the building is open between columns.  These spaces are ideal for vendors with 2 or more tables.  Each space has access to a 120 v outlet.   Each 10×10 space is $10 each.

North Side Booths

Some of these spaces have counters.  All booths have one 120 v outlet for power.  each booth is approximately 10×10 and are $10 each except for one booth that is a double (20×10). Cost for it is $20.

Center Spaces

Center spaces are 10×10 and will accommodate 2 tables per space with a walkway on either side.   Each space has access to a 120 v outlet that hangs down from overhead.  Cost per space is $10 each.

Please bring your own extension cords.

Email Chasity W3DAY to inquire about availability of spaces and table rentals.