Greeneville Hamfest Prize Award Policy

Grand Prize Drawing – You do not have to be present to win the grand prize.

You must be present to claim the Mystery Prize and all other door prizes.

Door prizes and Chairman’s Mystery Prize winners must pick up prize within the allotted announced time frame otherwise the prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.  If you are unable to get to the building in the allotted time to claim the prize, notify any authorized hamfest staff member and they will claim it for you with your ticket stub.

Door prizes and Mystery prize are limited to one prize per admission ticket. This does not apply to the grand prize drawing.

All drawn door and Mystery prize tickets will be held out and returned to the ticket barrel for the main prize drawing.

Door prizes and Chairman’s Mystery Prize winners must be present to win and a ticket stub presented for verification.  No exceptions.

Grand prize winner(s) will be contacted by phone or email  if not picked up within a short time of the drawing and may pick up their prize in person at the hamfest upon presentation of their winning ticket stub or their identity verified with a government issued picture ID.   Otherwise the prize will be shipped to the address on the stub or the callsign address on file with the FCC unless alternative arrangements are made with the hamfest chairman.

No AJARC club member or their immediate family are eligible to win any prizes.

State law governing lotteries does not allow us to sell additional tickets for the prize drawings.  Please don’t ask!