Inside Spaces with Power

Contact Bryan Smith to discuss your needs.

Overnight security is provided for all inside spaces between the hours of 10 pm and 7:30 am and access to the building is restricted to inside vendors and authorized hamfest staff during these times only.

Tables are not provided with any space and you may bring your own or rent from the hamfest.  Visit

Greeneville Hamfest Inside Vendor Policy –  All Inside Vendors Must Read

New Information about inside spaces for 2023 – All spaces either side of the center are now open between the columns. The booths have been permanently removed that were on the north side of the center walkway.

Each space has access to a 120 v outlet.   Each 10×10 space is $10 each.

Center Spaces

Center spaces are 10×10 and will accommodate 2 tables per space with a walkway on either side.   Each space has access to a 120 v outlet that hangs down from overhead.  Cost per space is $10 each.

Contact Bryan Smith to reserve your inside spaces.


Please bring your own extension cords and read our inside vendor policy.