What is a Hamfest?

Although a Hamfest is  a get-together of amateur radio operators, many experimenters, makers, and those that have other interests besides amateur radio also attend.   One never knows what may appear in the outdoor flea market, often referred to as “The Boneyard”.   Boxes full of “junk” can be waiting to be prowled through and the meaning of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” sometimes comes true.

If you have surplus electronic items, radios, TV’s, test equipment, car audio, computers, or almost anything else that could be used by an electronics enthusiast, then load them up and bring to sell or trade.    Many attendees bring their spouses and children.  Vendors that also include items that are not electronics related that appeal to the ladies and children usually do well.  Outside spaces are only $5 each.

Come early, as the bargains disappear quickly and you will see some with flashlights roaming around before the sun rises.   The Hamfest ends at noon and usually an hour or two before that time the majority of flea market vendors will start getting ready to leave for the day.  Many will lower prices to avoid taking things home so it is to your advantage to stay until the end (12 Noon).   Sometimes  items that are not wanted are even given away!   All we ask is you not leave anything for us to haul away except the normal trash in the trash cans.